714 Westbourne

The New York-born developer, Monte Stettin, and the Verona, Italy-born architect, Bruno Bondanelli, together emphasize simplicity and spaciousness in the three-story units. Bondanelli, for his part, says the new units are an improvement over the earlier units; he prefers the durable, cementitious panels that cover the exterior. Also to his liking is an extra-large master bedroom, which includes an open loft space, like a small mezzanine, that overlooks the master, which can serve as a home office or perhaps a small studio. “The room looks much more spacious,” says the architect approvingly.

Stettin, the developer, is a restless, creative personality who has pursued careers as a fashion photographer, director of commercials and feature-film scenarist before taking on sustainable housing. Always seeking new challenges, Stettin has set his mind on an even tougher project: creating low-income housing that is both green and aesthetically appealing.


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