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The Dilemma

America ranks 35 out of 64 in global classroom performance ratings compiled by the Program for International Student Assessment. Arts Connect is committed to changing that…

The education system is not current and students are disengaged. Books lack appeal for students used to getting information electronically. Arts Connect is based on the premise that bringing exciting content from around the world and integrating celebrities and creative icons with the content is what will keep students connected, excited and driven to want more.

These days teachers turn to the Internet in search of exciting content they can repurpose for the classroom – a process that requires a lot of time and unfairly taxes teachers. This is where school systems fail teachers. Arts Connect saves teachers time by delivering engaging content with the click of a download, instantly supplying all the tools they need to teach class. Arts Connect will amass thousands of lessons for a teacher to choose from. At the beginning of every semester a teacher can pick and download classes and materials needed for the duration, free.

The U.S. education system is failing to keep up with teacher training imperatives. Arts Connect is designed to assist teachers to re-tool and reeducate themselves online. This is ideal for substitute teachers who can pre-screen a full day’s lesson, review materials, then readily teach the class.

No teacher is an island. Yet, in the traditional education model, each teacher works alone, isolated in his or her own classroom without adequate support from or communication with school officials – or peers. Arts Connect‘s social platform is designed to address this very defect. Arts Connect modernizes the teacher’s job and facilitates correspondence and cooperation with colleagues in others schools across the nation, so they can exchange ideas and collaborate in teaching a subject.

The U.S. education system fails to put into circulation materials and procedures adapted to differing performance levels in the classroom (advanced, average and low achievers). Arts Connect resolves this issue. With adaptive technology tools for learning programs that tailor instruction to each individual student no student is singled out. Advanced students are provided advanced materials so they stay engaged and low achievers receive content consistent with their pace so they are no longer embarrassed, and no one knows other than teacher or parent.

There is no system presently in place keeping families current with a student’s education. Arts Connect allows parental auditing via our web-based access and social media and the ability to interact with teachers online and monitor their child’s progress.

The fate of students in economically depressed areas is usually foreordained when it comes to public education. Obviously, this is why we end up with disproportionate numbers of poor kids in certain schools and affluent ones in others. Arts Connect changes all of this by allowing each and every student to accelerate independently by learning through the web as much as he or she chooses and advancing at his or her own pace. If having difficulties, a student can access online student aid tools and tutorials with no need to spend money for a tutor.

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