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Inspiring millions of students by enabling them to explore the real world in the classroom and to be educated at a pace limited only by how fast they want to accelerate.

  • Brings relevant, real world projects to the classroom, stimulates students’ curiosity and generates excitement about both art and the curriculum
  • Reduces time required by teachers for lesson preparation
  • First-hand experience with real world examples illuminate’s classroom studies and energizes students and teachers.
  • Continually engages students by adopting 21st century technology and multimedia as familiar
and compelling vehicles
  • Fosters innovative teaching of the arts geared to match changing trends in education and leverage technology’s evolving impact on our lives

Arts Connect will catapult education into the future. The national agenda for education reform and mandatory enriched content, along with workforce development, lands squarely on the shoulders of STEM/STEAM learning programs – science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics – which are thoroughly integrated with this program.

Arts Connect inaugural programming has the distinct purpose of trying to offset the low achievement of many middle school and high school students – a national dilemma recently discussed in numerous articles and studies conducted by several of our nation’s leading researchers in the field of education, and to show students how they, too, can make a difference in the world.

Arts Connect‘s prime objective is to propagate the language of art in all its forms and to nurture students’ capacity for assimilating knowledge and understanding the world they live in. Arts Connect accomplishes this by engaging them in enriching, real-life learning scenarios presided over by some of the world’s most notable experts, celebrities, sports figures, and other individuals recognized for their success and innovation in their chosen fields. Arts Connect aligns this exposure to the gift of creativity and its connections with science, mathematics and other mandated studies, in accordance with state and federal education standards.

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