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Arts Connect places special emphasis on critical thinking since it is a faculty crucial to the development, in young minds, of discernment and judgment in matters of quality, taste, and value. The architects of Arts Connect recognize that the importance of teachers cannot be overestimated, both within the classroom setting and without and, because of this fact, have given every consideration to the teacher’s task in formulating the program.

 Arts Connect is rich in content first and technology second and, perhaps most importantly, the only program within the contemporary educational landscape not depending on a one-size-fits-all classroom format. Our program design allows for a flexible, adaptable environment adjustable to the level of growth, development and varying needs of each individual student grades 6 – 12.

 Arts Connect allows educators to select and download a week-long enhancement course from an online library of lessons that integrates with the core subject matter being taught. The library is organized by subject, grade and semester-calibrated timelines. The online toolkit library will includes:


  • “Teach the Teacher” webinars on how to utilize the program
  • A mapping tool teachers can use to plan their school year
  • Curricular materials classified by grade, topic, unit including video supplements

o   Associated exercises, quizzes, assignments in online or hard copy format

  • Flexibility to administer tests, quizzes and homework assignments online
    • Option for auto-grading

o   Materials to support both advanced and remedial students

o   Materials that support critical thinking and arts integration

o   Hands-on programs that support Makerspace, STEM/STEAM

  • A teacher and student calendar
  • A social media component that allows teacher collaboration nationally

o   Capability of teachers to post assignments and reminders for students

  • A social media component that allows student to student communication and collaboration nationally
  • Teacher-to-teacher platform for sharing documents and lessons
  • Student progress tracking

o   Grade tracking

o   Assignment tracking

  • A testing system that supports students in different academic environments
  • Tools enabling parents to view their child’s progress
  • Tools enabling teacher and student to manage a student’s portfolio
  • A rating system of each lesson enabling educators to determine what works best
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