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Arts Connect brings arts back into the classroom by fusing arts exploration with the study of science, mathematics, language and history. Our mission is to empower children to learn in faster, more comprehensive ways. Our strategy is to promote creative and critical thinking among students by delineating the interconnectedness between mandated classroom subjects and art and design disciplines which find common applications in the world around us. We believe that programs featuring leading creative personalities and contemporary celebrities whose accomplishments are relevant to young learners will enhance students’ understanding of the importance of art in everyday life. It brings the field trip into the classroom.



Abstract Arts Connect By Artist Ron Burkhardt 



By harnessing state-of-the-art multimedia capabilities, Arts Connect fuses exploration of the arts with conventional classroom staples by pointing up connections between artistic achievements in real-life and their underpinnings in traditional subjects such as math, science, history, and language study mandated by state educational standards.



Arts Connect intends to become a national educational program that will be offered free of charge to benefit students in public, private and charter schools and students in alternative educational environments including after school programs, the homeschooled, students at juvenile detention centers and students in high-risk environments.

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